Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetic Foot

Do you suffer with peripheral vascular disease? Do you also have diabetes? Well then, today’s blog is for you. This is Doctor Nathan Lucas, your friendly foot doctor in Los Angeles and Memphis, and today I want to explain why these two types of diseases need to be monitored very carefully. Peripheral vascular disease is [...]

The Connection Between Fungal Nail and Ingrown Toenails

Did you know that an ingrown toenail can develop out of a fungal nail condition? Hi, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas and today, I would like to speak to foot pain sufferers in Los Angeles and Memphis about the connection between these two conditions. Bacterial or fungal conditions can sometimes cause nails to thicken or widen, [...]

Cotton Balls: An Ingrown Toenail Faux Paux

Do place cotton balls under your ingrown toenails to try to relieve the pressure? Don’t!! This is Doctor Nathan Lucas, your favorite podiatrist in Los Angeles and Memphis, and today, I want to tell you why. Cotton balls, especially if filled with some kind of medicinal solution or other fluid, can cause the toe area [...]