Tips for Those with Ankle Sprains, Part Two

Ankle sprains are extremely common, but so are the mistakes that people make when treating a sprain. This is Doctor Nathan Lucas. Let’s look at part two of my three-part podiatry series for residents of Los Angeles and Memphis about ankle sprains. If you suffer a sprain, never assume that an elastic bandage is sufficient [...]

Tips for Those with Ankle Sprains, Part Three

Never make assumptions. That’s today’s tip in our three-part series on ankle sprains. Hi, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, your local foot expert in Los Angeles and Memphis. Sometimes when people suffer an ankle sprain, they may think, “Well, it’s just a sprain. It will heal on its own.” BIG mistake! You may be dealing with [...]

What is Plantar Fascitis?

Not everyone speaks Latin, so it’s understandable why the common layperson might not be familiar with a number of terms that I often use in my podiatry office, such as Plantar Fascitis. Greetings; my name is Doctor Nathan Lucas and I help people everyday in Los Angeles and Memphis with keeping their feet healthy and [...]