Strokes and Hammertoes

Although many may not know it, those who have suffered a stroke may be prone to developing hammertoes in some cases. Hello, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, a foot doctor in Los Angeles and Memphis. Allow me to explain. Many times strokes result in brain injuries that can leave a weakness in various muscles, including in [...]

Chronic Ankle Instability

Chronic ankle instability is one of the possible repercussions of not treating an ankle sprain in time. Hi, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, a podiatrist in Los Angeles and Memphis, and today I want to talk to you about the importance of dealing with an ankle sprain at the onset. Like other foot ailments, ankle sprains [...]

Pregnancy and Your Feet

Women that are pregnant need to take extra care of their feet. Hi, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas and today I would like to talk to the mothers-to-be in Los Angeles and Memphis about pregnancy and the feet. There are a few issues that pregnant women need to look out for in their feet. First of [...]